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Press Release Writing Service from the Marketing Gorilla

Since 1997, I've been writing and distributing press releases. My first was about berber carpet for a Northwest Georgia carpet giant. I knew absolutely nothing about carpet at the time, but as a new account manager at a PR firm, I had to learn fast.

I've sent press releases for companies ranging from garbage can manufacturers to marine electronics resellers to a local gym grand opening in Largo, Florida. A well written press release distributed through the right channel can significantly drive quality traffic to a site. That is a proven fact.

I'm going to start writing press releases and sending them out for any companies launching their products, reports or general news. These press releases would add validity to the subject, especially if the content is picked up by media. And with as my distribution partner, search engine optimization is a highly added benefit.

My charge for this service is $300 plus the costs from Typically this is a $500 total investment as I like to recommend the SEO Visibility option. After Day 1, 7, 14 and 28, I will submit a statistics summary to the client that includes total full-page reads, headline impressions and search engine hits.

There are four levels of press release distribution options through PRWeb, plus some upsell services that are well worth the investment.

* Your release on top sites like Yahoo! News and Google
* Permanent hosting on
* Attach images and documents
* Track results with statistics on reads and impressions
* Two-day distribution

All the benefits of Standard Visibility, plus:
* Distribution on industry-specific Web sites and blogs
* Premium placement for enhanced search results
* Social bookmark links for increased distribution

All the benefits of Social Media Visibility, plus:
* Embedded news image
* SEO tools including anchor text for search optimized results
* 10 industry and 5 regional news feeds
* Advanced SEO statistics
* Next day distribution

SEO Visibility, plus:
* Guaranteed distribution through the Associated Press to top US newspapers and media outlets
* Add an embedded video to your press release
* Advanced analytics show you where your news is being read

Standard Podcast - Add $100.00
PRWeb Podcasts are the perfect multimedia complement for your PRWeb press release. The podcasts are 4-5 minute interviews conducted by phone with the PRWeb staff.

Extended Podcast - Add $200.00
This package takes the PRWeb Podcast to the next level -- an extended interview of 10-20 minutes for a more in-depth interview.

BusinessWire Distribution - Add $269.00
Amplify the distribution of your news with Business Wire. Business Wire provides simultaneous distribution to newspapers, radio and TV stations, trade journals and other regional publications. Online distribution includes a wide range of online outlets including Yahoo! Finance and

If you are interested in having a press release written and sent to thousands of journalists, bloggers and affiliates, contact me and let me know what options you would like added.

Greg Hoffman, Marketing Gorilla
akagorilla at

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Marketing Gorilla releases Press Release for Strategic Profits

It's been a year since I sent out my last press release. This one for Rich Schefren at Strategic Profits puts me back in the game. If you didn't know, I owned a Public Relations Agency from 1999 to 2003, called the The Tarpon Agency. My work was mostly for a hospital group in Atlanta and a garbage can maker from North Carolina. But I had a few good local clients here in Tampa and I've missed the press release writing and distribution process.

Read the press release below, download one of Rich's free reports and let me know if you are interested in my press release service. I would love to start doing PR for affiliate launches or news from merchants. My rates are affordable and I use for distribution.

Rich Schefren Celebrates One Million Downloads of His Free Internet Marketing Reports

Delray Beach, FL. (PRWEB) June 26, 2008 -- From the Internet Business Manifesto to the newly published Maven Matrix Manifesto, a total of one million reports written by Rich Schefren, Founder and CEO of Strategic Profits, have been downloaded for free by business owners who want to increase profits online.

"This is a historic milestone for Strategic Profits as we strive to educate online business owners of the most efficient ways to increase profits, work less and grow their business," Schefren said. He adds that more internet marketing reports will be published for free soon as well as more online business coaching products.

This is a historic milestone for Strategic Profits as we strive to educate online business owners of the most efficient ways to increase profits, work less and grow their business
Schefren is well-known in the Internet marketing community as the "guru's guru," having provided sought-after business coaching to such high-profile luminaries as Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Joel Comm, Brad Fallon, Mike Filsaime, Yanik Silver, Jeff Walker and many more.

Previous published reports from Schefren - The Internet Business Manifesto, The Missing Chapter, The Final Chapter, The Attention Age Doctrine Part 2 and the Maven Matrix Manifesto - have helped thousands of entrepreneurs start a business online and understand changing market forces.
Each free report is available in PDF format and can be found in the lower right section of the Strategic Profits homepage. Here are some of the tips online business owners should expect from the free reports:

  • Strategies from other gurus who have created explosive growth
  • How to deal with the information that's flooding your inbox
  • Web 2.0 tactics that bring search engine ranking and traffic
  • Become the dominant authority and most trusted advisor in a market niche
  • Learn uncommon principles on how to deal with large competitors

About Strategic Profits:
Strategic Profits is a privately held company headquartered in Delray Beach, Fla. Strategic Profits exists to help business and entrepreneurs online and offline with business coaching advice and tools that they need to succeed in the Attention Age. Visit the corporate Web site for more information or leave your questions and/or comments on Rich Schefren's blog at


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Earn up to 14% by Joining the Affiliate Program

I picked up another affiliate program through Snow Consulting last week. This one is awesome. sells sports equipment, jerseys, jewelry, fan gear, gifts, and memorabilia with more than 100,000 products.

They have programs in both ShareASale and Commission Junction. Affiliates earn 10% by joining and can get bumps up to 14% based on performance. The return cookie is 60 days. They have GoldenCAN datafeed integration, Popshops Custom Storefronts and dynamic product showcase creator, all in SAS.

Join the SAS program. Click here

Join the CJ program. Click here

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Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm Review for the XBOX 360

This is not a professional game review so don't get all excited...But Gamefly did deliver Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm to us yesterday. We are addicted to the series on Discovery Channel and we've waited for more than a month for the release.

I haven't played it yet but I've watched my 10-year-old son go fishing in the Bering Sea. He has mastered every game we've rented n the last few months and this one is kicking his butt. He's actually turned the game off a few times because of the difficulty level and the time it takes to accomplish missions. It requires him to THINK - not hit AAAAAA and vaporize bad guys over and over again. So this is a good thing.

Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm - Pre-Played

The graphics are great and we love the seagulls flying around the ship. Very realistic. We also like the mini missions like helping the U.S. Coast Guard and throwing the flaming hook.

Of all the games I've rented since December, this is only the second one I've considered buying. The first was Assassin's Creed and that one kicks my butt. So I say buy Deadliest Catch...

Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm - Pre-Played


Earn up to 40% Commission by Joining the Strategic Profits Affiliate Program

Sometimes I post new affiliate programs on this blog because OPM's or Networks ask for extra publicity. Sometimes its because I know the Affiliate Manager and sometimes because its me. In this case, my buddy Chris Thompson, formerly of Boca Java Coffee, is heading up the newly launched affiliate program for Strategic Profits. I highly recommend you join this program. Chris is one of the best in the business and I know this program is going to skyrocket with him taking the lead.

Why Join?
  • They pay between 25% and 40% commission on opt-in leads and customer sales
  • Recurring Commissions
  • Tier 2 Commissions
  • Performance Incentives
  • Great Support
  • Real-time reporting
  • Dedicated Affiliate Management
  • 90-day Cookies
  • Monthly Promotions
Start earning your commissions now, join the Strategic Profits Affiliate Program.




Bob Barr on Fox Today

Dear Barr '08 Supporter,

Bob will be a guest on Your World w/ Neil Cavuto today. The interview is scheduled for 4:20pm EDT on the Fox News Channel. Please invite your friends and family to tune in.


Russ Verney
Campaigner Manager
Barr '08



Politics and Affiliate Marketing Revisited

Last summer, Shawn Collins raised the issue of politics and affiliate marketing - whether the two should mix and how well it would work if they did. Apparently the RNC had a Commission Junction program for several years but it was left on auto-pilot and floundered without proper management.

I'm not here to talk politics. This would work for McCain, Obama and Nader, but the Libertarian Candidate, Bob Barr (someone I have met and talked with at length), is my guy this year so I'm using him as an example.

While I was perusing the Barr Blog this morning, I noticed they had a page for widgets and banners. They are already half way there!!! All they need is to join a network and hire an affiliate manager. The links below could easily be used to track donations and email sign ups from affiliate sites. Shawn says the RNC gave affiliates 30% of the donations, capped at $30, with 45 return days. How much is a voter email worth to a political candidate? $.15, $.50, $1.00???

The market already exists. There are thousands of sites dedicated to each political party and millions more with completely different themes but I'm sure they would be happy to promote their favorite candidate and receive an affiliate commission at the same time.

So let's think about this from the third party stance. Continue to beg sites to post widgets or banners for free and raise about $100,000 a week online, or start an affiliate program, sign up thousands of affiliates within the first week and potentially reach hundreds of thousands of voters with a convenient little widget asking them for money or their email. Seems like affiliate marketing should be part of the mix already.

Now who will be the first to capitalize on this idea? There are four months left. It's worth it for one of the candidates to at least try it.

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As God is My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly

WGN has retro Sundays going on - Outta Sight Retro Night featuring WKRP in Cinncinnati, Barney Miller, Newhart and others.

I've been taping them and watching when time allows. Tonight I watched the most famous WKRP in Cinncinnati episode ever - the turkey drop.

Ya know, watching that show really makes me remember the employees that I worked with when I was at WRBQ - Q105 in Tampa. Even in 1991, radio stations were exactly like WKRP. The characters were all the same. Crusty old nutcase newsman. Pompous, egotistical or extremely cool deejays. Cute and lovable promotions babes. General managers that were clueless. And a Program Director that rocked, or at least thought he did.

I kinda wish I could name names, but I wouldn't want to give some of them the satisfaction of eternal search engine glory. Let's just thank God that one of them made it to the big time - I still listen to Ronnie "Night Train" Lane on XM 175, the MLB Home Plate station. I've been listening to him for about 25 years and I loved working with him in the early 90's.

And for the morning show producer that got fired and was replaced by ME, too bad you never amounted to anything. Yea were known as Hacksaw Jimmy back then. Send money you jackass! I answered your phones too many times at 6am and put up with horrible shtick with you and Mike and Kent. I still have a picture of you dressed as a referee for a Hot Dog Vendor mud wrestling match. I'll post it on ebay one of these days and sell it to Letterman.

Who Won the June Affiliate Contest?

Roger Snow and I have drawn the first name in the June Affiliate Contest. Anyone who joins is eligible. Winners receive the Shock Coffee Starter Kit, valued at $29.95.

I will update this post with every winner and link to their affiliate site.

June 11 - Scott Rezka -
June 12 - James Loter -
June 13 - Zac Johnson -
June 14 -

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A Father's Day Moment, courtesy of Omaha Steaks

I was there today when my father received his Omaha Steaks shipment, the Father's Day Cookout Classic. I love the white cooler that the meat comes packed in, with the package of dry ice. I'm sure we'll be using the cooler at the drive in theater or on an upcoming fishing trip.

But, there was a special moment I'd like to share and I'm sure many of you will understand. After pulling out the steaks and hamburgers, we both had to admit to my mother that we had touched the dry ice and needed some Aloe...

Acorns do not fall very far from the tree. Happy Father's Day!

6/09/2008 Coupon and Contest for Affiliates

For the first time ever, has added a coupon for its affiliates. I just added the coupon code in the ShareASale coupon database and a text link to go along with it. So you couponers can post away promoting a 5% off all orders coupon. We'll have more coupons in the future.

Now, about this's gonna be fun.

This is open to all new affiliates who sign up until next Tuesday night, June 17. I'm giving away 1 starter kit everyday to new affiliates who join and answer a trivia question. The ShockCoffee Starter kit is valued at $29.95 and includes: one 13oz bag of ground coffee, one 4-pack each of Shock Triple Mocha and Shock Triple Latte cold coffee drinks, one bag of Shock-A-Lots chocolate covered coffee beans, one Shock sticker and one Shock Coffee T-Shirt(please let us know what size you would like).

All you have to do is join the program in the ShareASale network, then visit and find the answer to this question: Is Shock Coffee available in decaf? Send me the exact answer to that question at and with confirmation that you have joined the program, that makes you eligible to receive the Starter kit for that day. Affiliates will be chosen at random to win the prize. I'll give away 8 total.

While you are looking for that trivia answer, look at the products we have available at ShockCoffee and think of some creative ways to promote this product to your customers.

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Earn at least 15% With the Affiliate Program is the newest merchant in my stable of managed programs.

We've already increased the commission from 10% to 15% and private commissions are available to Full or Premier Affiliates in Share A Sale.

Within the next week or so, we'll have a coupon available and new banners and text links will be added as well.

I've managed a coffee affiliate program in the past, Cafe Belmondo, but this is a completely different type of product and program. At this point, it's not based on a coffee continuity model. Your customers won't be getting a free coffee pot and have to commit to a coffee club forever. They will be buying ShockCoffee merchandise because the product is Unique and GOOD!!!

The coffee energy drink niche is wide open for affiliates and I promise to reward affiliates for creative promotions and strong performance.

Sign up for the Affiliate Program.

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What to buy Dad for Father's Day?

It's Father's Day time and here are some of my top best sellers I've promoted for this holiday in the past.

If you know me, you knew I was going to add a link from Thompson Cigar. It's their second biggest holiday of the year. 10 Cigars for $29.95 plus a free aluminum case. The deals don't get any better than that from Thompson, trust me...

Thompson Cigar - Father's Day Sampler

Ahh, my old favorite, Omaha Steaks. I started posting about them on Father's Day several years ago. My friends tell me this year's steak special looks better than ever. Click on this link and check out the American Collection and the Father's Day Cookout Classic., Inc.

This year, I'm adding Netflix to the promotion. Personally, I love my Netflix subscription and don't know what I would do without it for the last six months. I think this would be a cool gift for dads this year.

Netflix, Inc.




Online Revenue Idea for Newspapers - Buy a coupon site

I really like the way Media General has been promoting their affiliate coupon site here in the Tampa market. Back in February, the owner of the Tampa Tribune and our local NBC affiliate, purchased

Since then, I've talked with Alan Rappaport from Dealtaker and he told me they are very happy with the regional traffic that has been visiting their site.

So a friend of mine has been trying to find a way to monetize newspaper websites more efficiently. I'm 100% sure Media General has figured out the recipe. Buy an existing high volume coupon site and advertise the heck out of it. This way, you can advertise hundreds of products and not have to worry as much about the traditional cpm ads not selling everyday.