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Saturday Morning with Sid & Marty Krofft from Netflix

I ordered Saturday Morning with Sid & Marty Krofft from Netflix this week for the kids and I can't believe I liked these shows when I was their age. The absolute worst show was Lidsville. George Lopez does a special DVD commentary for the Lidsville episode and it was even worse the second time.

The DVD included H.R. Puffnstuf, Lidsville, The Bugaloos, Sigmund and the SeaMonsters, Land of the Lost, Far Out Space Nuts and The Lost Saucer.

I would say my favorite now that I've seen all of these shows again would have to be Sigmund and the SeaMonsters. Simple and creative but my kids just didn't get into it. Why do we have such good memories of these shows?

Netflix, Inc.



Political rantings on Bob Barr and the Conventions

Did McCain's choice for VP sink any chance Bob Barr had at getting at least 15% percent of the presidential votes? I'm thinking it did.

Even though I like Bob personally and I'll still vote for him, it doesn't look good for the Libertarians. The true third party soldiers will vote for Bob, but the undecideds just decided. I'm sure of it.

You might not know this about me, but I was an accredited journalist at the 1996 Democratic and Republican National Conventions. My time in Chicago with the Democrats was miserable. Those people hated me because of who I worked for. In 1996, I was a political reporter for the Marietta Daily Journal, hometown paper for House Speaker Newt Gingrich. I followed Newt and his Congressional Step Brother, Rep. Bob Barr (R-Smyrna) everywhere they went. When they opened their mouths in 1995 and 1996, I reported about it. So when I was in Chicago with the Democrats, they treated me like crap, even though I was objective as possible when reporting. I didnt' like any part of that trip except seeing Christopher Reeve and Laurence Fishburne on stage. The Clinton's didn't impress me.

When I went to San Diego for the Republican Convention, I felt like a celebrity. Walking around with Newt, meeting Henry Kissinger and hob-knobbing with the Goober Smoochers. It was a fun time and everyone loved to be quoted in the hometown newspaper. The delegates were pleasant to be around. The best time was probably the private concert with Travis Tritt.

I have all the newspaper clippings from the conventions in storage. I was writing two stories a day, plus a column, which in today's world would have been my blog.

So anyway, good luck Bob Barr, you've come a long way in 12 years, but you have a long way to go.



Rays are Still Number One in AL East

I can't believe the Tampa Bay Rays are still in first place in late August. As of tonight, they are tied with the Angels for the best record in the American League and they are both behind my former favorite team, the Cubbies.

79-50 wow. Who woulda thunk it... Go Rays!



Earn up to 15% commission with

I picked up another affiliate program to manage for Snow

Mineral Hygienics is the premier manufacturer of mineral makeup. This is a fantastic opportunity to earn commissions with a leading company in the fastest growing cosmetics segment in history. Our products virtually sell themselves. All it takes is for a customer to try the product and they will fall in love. It's that good!

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Attorney at Law Preps for Tropical Storm Fay

This Tampa Attorney, name removed to protect the guilty, went out and bought two bags of sandbox sand to protect his one-room office from the flood expected during Tropical Storm Fay. I'm pretty sure it won't work. Needless to say that the storm fizzled out anyway.



Heading to the Rome Braves Game Today

I'll be attending the Rome Braves game today. I haven't been to Rome, Georgia in about 12 years. My old boss Mike Columbo, Editor of the Rome News-Tribune, told me the Braves are probably the biggest change in Rome since I was last there. So my friends Randy and Kim and their boys will take me back to Rome to see a game.
Greg, 813-507-0006



One Dream 2009

This post is to help a fellow classmate of mine, Dr. JuanCarlos Arauz. Please help his cause.

An organization of 20 undocumented youth has devoted themselves to demonstrating humanity for undocumented immigrants. Of the total undocumented population, 3 million of them came as children and are being raised in this country. They would like the opportunity to choose this country as their own. Our national public awareness campaign illuminates the plight of undocumented youth as a dignified human experience. ( ) Although this began as an underground youth movement known as One Dream 2009, our intention is to bring the voice of the voiceless to the mainstream community. Our campaign is to emphasize immigration as a human rights issue. Ultimately, we want to bridge the divide of racism, classism, ageism, and nationalism; we live on one planet. We not only appreciate your support, but your support is necessary to reach our goals:

* Gather 15 million signatures (petitions) in recognition of the 15 million undocumented individuals.
* Sell 3 million ‘Human Being’ cards symbolizing the 3 million undocumented youth in this country.
* Present these symbolic messages (powers of people, money and respect - representing the voice of human solidarity) to the new President on Inauguration Day, January 20th 2009.

We urge you to read the list below and see other ways you are willing to support this cause.

1. Sign the Petition at
2. Buy a card/key tag
3. Join us on Jan. 20, 2009 (Inauguration Day of the new U.S. president)
4. Invite us to speak to your group/organization for a presentation or training for the go-kits
5. Spread the word to EVERYONE you know
1. Forward the message to your list-serve, organizations, individuals
2. Link our website to your email signatures, webpage, etc.
3. Share the video
4. Share our products (t-shirts, cards, DVD, stories, music)
5. Sell the human being card/ key tag as your own fundraising event

Thank you. Together we can make this happen!
One Dream 2009 Team

Monies earned from this campaign will go towards supporting the One Dream 2009 project; pay for travel, stipends and the promotion of the campaign. Of every $5, 20% goes to scholarship, 20% goes to personnel, 60% goes to Conscious Leadership Institute; a pilot project whose aim is to close the educational achievement gap by developing young socially responsible leaders.

One Dream 2009

Along with undocumented youth, Dr. JuanCarlos Arauz brings a unique expertise as his focus on the educational achievement gap and immigration reform highlights the need for educational excellence and global sustainability. The One Dream 2009 campaign is part of the larger pilot project to address the inequities for undocumented youth in education. We offer exclusive insight to the lives of immigrant students who face inequities in education and the lives of undocumented individuals impacted by the I.C.E. Raids through mini-documentary films, Spoken Word/poems, and autobiographies that the students have produced. We demonstrate how to combine knowledge with activism through the concept known as Conscious Leadership Institute: Incubator for change.

This is an exciting opportunity for you and your organization to learn more about the one dream 2009 youth movement. There are three specific styles in which you can invite our youth to come present to your organization depending on time and type of audience:

1. 15 minute presentation
1. Contextual information
2. Human Perspective: 90 second video or Spoken Word performance
3. Sharing of the underground youth movement

2. 45 minute presentation
1. 8 minute video, 20 minute Teatro Campesino or Spoken Word performance
2. Dialogue with audience of impact of the stories
3. Presentation on de-mystifying the undocumented population
4. Sharing of the underground youth movement

3. 90 minute presentation
1. 8 minute video, 20 minute Teatro Campesino or Spoken Word performance
2. Dialogue with audience of impact of the stories
3. Presentation on de-mystifying the undocumented population
4. Go-Kits training for community members
5. Music entertainment by the hip-hop performers “Blaxicans”



Marketing Gorilla's Next Great Adventure

Hear ye Hear ye,

The Marketing Gorilla announces he will be relocating to the Greater Atlanta Area within the next 60-90 days. Although born and raised in Tampa, FL and spending the last 8 years back in Florida, it is time to move back to the Atlanta area. I lived there from 1995 - 1999.

My goal is to find a place on the I-575 corridor near where my children will be relocating with their mother. I'll be networking on Facebook and trying to reconnect with all my former colleagues from my days as a newspaper reporter and from my first PR Agency.

In the meantime, I'll be continuing my affiliate management and PR work with Snow Consulting and Strategic Profits.

In fact, we have another Strategic Profits press release coming soon.



Bad Blogger

Its been a month, must get back to blogging. But alas, too tired tonight. Will be back soon.



Free Internet Marketing Reports Hit One Million Downloads

One of the best known small business strategists in the online world is celebrating his most recent accomplishment; one million downloads of his five free internet marketing reports. Rich Schefren, Founder and CEO of Strategic Profits, is the author of groundbreaking reports such as The Internet Business Manifesto (link) and the Maven Matrix Manifesto (link).

"This is a historic milestone for Strategic Profits as we strive to educate online business owners of the most efficient ways to increase profits, work less and grow their business," Schefren said. He adds that more internet marketing reports will be published for free soon as well as more online business coaching products.

The effectiveness of the free download has been significant for Schefren’s business. Offering the reports for free creates strong relationships with potential customers and creates an online community that delivers instant feedback. This in turn, allows Strategic Profits to use this knowledge to create products that are helpful to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Schefren’s products have taken off in popularity in recent years as a result. His interactive coaching program, Business Growth System(link), teaches online business owners how to use proven offline strategies to grow their revenue. They use an eLearning platform that delivers the coaching products using steaming video and audio, digital transcripts and workbooks to match the learning style of the client. The Strengths Mastery Program (link) is also wildly popular as Schefren gives customers a scientific strengths assessment that has the testimonials pouring in everyday. Finally, the Business Acceleration Program (link) is a huge home-study resource that includes 20 DVD’s with videos from the most legendary business builders in the world.

Schefren is well-known in the Internet marketing community as the "guru's guru," having provided sought-after business coaching to such high-profile luminaries as Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Joel Comm, Brad Fallon, Mike Filsaime, Yanik Silver, Jeff Walker and many more.

Previous published reports from Schefren - The Internet Business Manifesto, The Missing Chapter (link), The Final Chapter (link), The Attention Age Doctrine Part 2 (link) and the Maven Matrix Manifesto - have helped thousands of entrepreneurs start a business online and understand changing market forces.

Each free report is available in PDF format and can be found in the lower right section of the Strategic Profits homepage (link). Here are some of the tips online business owners should expect from the free reports:

* Strategies from other gurus who have created explosive growth
* How to deal with the information that's flooding your inbox
* Web 2.0 tactics that bring search engine ranking and traffic
* Become the dominant authority and most trusted advisor in a market niche
* Learn uncommon principles on how to deal with large competitors

Schefren said he is hard at work writing more free internet marketing reports and relevant products for entrepreneurs. As Schefren says in all his public appearances, he wants to help online business owners increase their profit and have more time off to enjoy their success.