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Free Internet Marketing Reports Hit One Million Downloads

One of the best known small business strategists in the online world is celebrating his most recent accomplishment; one million downloads of his five free internet marketing reports. Rich Schefren, Founder and CEO of Strategic Profits, is the author of groundbreaking reports such as The Internet Business Manifesto (link) and the Maven Matrix Manifesto (link).

"This is a historic milestone for Strategic Profits as we strive to educate online business owners of the most efficient ways to increase profits, work less and grow their business," Schefren said. He adds that more internet marketing reports will be published for free soon as well as more online business coaching products.

The effectiveness of the free download has been significant for Schefren’s business. Offering the reports for free creates strong relationships with potential customers and creates an online community that delivers instant feedback. This in turn, allows Strategic Profits to use this knowledge to create products that are helpful to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Schefren’s products have taken off in popularity in recent years as a result. His interactive coaching program, Business Growth System(link), teaches online business owners how to use proven offline strategies to grow their revenue. They use an eLearning platform that delivers the coaching products using steaming video and audio, digital transcripts and workbooks to match the learning style of the client. The Strengths Mastery Program (link) is also wildly popular as Schefren gives customers a scientific strengths assessment that has the testimonials pouring in everyday. Finally, the Business Acceleration Program (link) is a huge home-study resource that includes 20 DVD’s with videos from the most legendary business builders in the world.

Schefren is well-known in the Internet marketing community as the "guru's guru," having provided sought-after business coaching to such high-profile luminaries as Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Joel Comm, Brad Fallon, Mike Filsaime, Yanik Silver, Jeff Walker and many more.

Previous published reports from Schefren - The Internet Business Manifesto, The Missing Chapter (link), The Final Chapter (link), The Attention Age Doctrine Part 2 (link) and the Maven Matrix Manifesto - have helped thousands of entrepreneurs start a business online and understand changing market forces.

Each free report is available in PDF format and can be found in the lower right section of the Strategic Profits homepage (link). Here are some of the tips online business owners should expect from the free reports:

* Strategies from other gurus who have created explosive growth
* How to deal with the information that's flooding your inbox
* Web 2.0 tactics that bring search engine ranking and traffic
* Become the dominant authority and most trusted advisor in a market niche
* Learn uncommon principles on how to deal with large competitors

Schefren said he is hard at work writing more free internet marketing reports and relevant products for entrepreneurs. As Schefren says in all his public appearances, he wants to help online business owners increase their profit and have more time off to enjoy their success.


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