Greg Hoffman



Social Networking Gets Annoying - OpenBC and Plaxo

I have more than 330 LinkedIn connections, about 600 Yahoo Group connections through SmallPRAgencyPros and TampaBayNetworking, and hundreds of old connections through various online networking ventures. I gave up on Ecademy, Ryze, Orkut and Friendster long ago.

Now, I draw the line at OpenBC invites and can't stand when people ask me for personal and professional information through a Plaxo request.

I understand the need for online networking and I appreciate the efforts super networkers go through to build their database for the benefit of everyone, but social networking has its limits.

If you are reading this, don't send me an invite. If I sent you this link, consider this a polite no. I'm getting several requests a day some days. It's almost enough to stop using LinkedIn and change my email address. If you need to contact me, use my email. I live by it. You don't need my work phone or home address to connect with me.

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