Greg Hoffman



Welcome Mass Comm Students

An open letter to the Mass Communication students at Hillsborough Community College:

You just went to Google and typed in my name: Greg Hoffman. You then clicked the first organic (natural or non-paid) link on that page and landed here at my blog. Congratulations. Welcome to Internet Marketing 101.

Check out the following links and terms. I guarantee they will help you in class.

Web Analytics or Tracking Internet Traffic - A generic term used to describe analysis of the website traffic and performance. Technology that tracks and organizes visitor activity on the internet including unique traffic, gross traffic, page views, hits, online sales, conversions, conversion rate, click fraud detection, trademark infringement protection, search engine positions, etc. Very often the technology will organize the data into charts and graphs covering a period of time.

Hit - Request from a web server for a graphic or other element displayed on a web page. Every time a user calls a page, there are dozens of hits recorded.

Visit - When tracking the amount of traffic on a website, it refers to a person who visits a website. Regardless of how many times a visitor returns to a site, a unique visitor is counted only once.

Clickthrough - The process of activating a link usually on an online advertisement, connecting to the advertiser's website or landing page. Called a click through because of the sound the mouse makes.

Blog - This is a blog. A website that displays in chronological order the postings by one or more individuals and usually has links to comments on specific postings.

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