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The Day the Newspaper Industry Died

Mother Trib has dissappointed me. A few weeks after I wrote this Tampa Bay Rays prediction post about my former USF Journalism Classmate, Carter Gaddis, the Tampa Tribune laid him off.

Carter was a symbol. He was the J-School guy that had a goal and never looked back. From the first class we had together in 1991, he wanted to be a sports writer for the Tampa Tribune. We wished him luck and were shocked when he was hired and started following his dream while we were still in school. About a year after I graduated, I finally went to work for Mother Trib but didn't stick around for long. I left to work for smaller newspapers in North Georgia and I yearned for the Public Relations/Marketing field.

Over the years, I would pick up the Tribune or read and see Carter's byline. It made me comfortable that one of us made it and was still with the home team. I always wondered what would happen if I stayed in the newspaper business because I was convinced Carter would retire at the age of 105 as the editor of the Tribune Sports Department and that secure future could have been me.

But the truth is, the newspaper industry was asleep for the decade that spawned the Internet and they never caught up. Now true journalists are being let go because ad revenue has dried up and the world wrongly thinks citizen journalists are better.

I found out about Carter's situation when he found me on Facebook this weekend. He has no idea the power of social networking yet, but he will. I'm 100% positive his next great career move will be a result of the likes of Facebook, Twitter and his blog. Help me spread the word and get Carter writing again.

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Taco Flavored Doritoes - Life is Better Again

What to do when life throws you a lemon??? Go buy some Taco flavored Doritoes and a 44-ounce Coke. Forget that they are bad for you. Just Go For it.



Excellent Mineral Makeup Review from Sunshine Rewards

I love the video reviews coming from Sunshine Rewards lately. They know how to promote a product through video.