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Locals out front in business blog march

By ROBERT TRIGAUX, Times Business Columnist
Published February 25, 2005

What appears to be the first online contest for the best "business blogs" has netted two winners right here in the Tampa Bay area.

Security Awareness, a computer security firm in Seminole run by long-time tech guru Winn Schwartau, won in two categories: "best overall blog" and "best tech company blog" - the latter competing against heavyweight blogs run by employees at Microsoft and Apple.

"It's the best guerrilla marketing tool out there," Hoffman says of blogs.



Security Awareness Wins Best Overall and Best Tech Company

February 23, 2005

Winners of the Business Blogging Awards

Best Overall Blog - Security Awareness
Best Group Blog - Monty’s Bluff
Best New Blog - 800-CEO-READ
Best Law Blog - Phosita
Best VC/Entrepreneur Blog - Business Opportunities
Best Financial Industry/Investment Blog - Between the Hedges
Best Personal Finance Blog - PFBlog
Best Blog by a Small Business - The Tin Basher Blog
Best Blog About Small Business - eBizBlog
Best PR Blog - Media Guerilla
Best Tech Company Blog - Security Awareness
Best Media Blog - Fast Company Blog
Best Real Estate Blog - Tampa Bay’s Inside Real Estate Journal
Best Marketing Blog - JSLogan
Best SEO Blog - Blog Business World
Best Project Management Blog - AgileManagement
Best Leadership Blog - Leadership Now
The Picasso Award (Best Design) - Signal vs. Noise
The Peacock Award (Most Self-Important) - Inside Real Estate Journal
The Chris Pirillo Award (For Shameless Self Promotion) - Chris Pirillo



Two local companies gain attention for blogging sites

From the February 11, 2005 print edition - Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Security Awareness, a division of Interpact Inc., launched its Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless blog, as a way to communicate directly with customers and a potential target audience, said Greg Hoffman, chief marketing officer.

The blog,, attempts to create a culture of security awareness among computer users by giving them tips and tricks on how to avoid Internet scams, viruses and spyware, while at the same time creating business leads for potential clients.

Content also includes information from industry trade magazines and two to three posts a week from internal staff.

"It is the best guerilla marketing tool available," said Hoffman. "All you have to do is provide content that is beneficial to your audience and it quickly builds your brand as the only solution."
Security Awareness' strategy seems to be working. The company reports an average of 5,000 hits a month. It was also nominated for best tech blog in the Business Blogging award competition.

Read the whole story.



Security Awareness Blog Nominated for 2005 Business Blogging Awards

Seminole, FL February 7, 2005 -- The Security Awareness Blog for “Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless” has been nominated for the prestigious categories of “Best Overall” and “Best Tech Company” in the 2005 Business Blogging Awards. Voting online is open to the public until Feb. 16 at

This is the first ever awards of its kind as business blogs became more popular in 2004. The Security Awareness blog was created in June of 2004 as a new tool for Winn Schwartau’s Security Awareness Company (Interpact Inc.) to communicate with its audience.

Blog regulars find up-to-date computer security information and tips from The Security Awareness Company team and commentaries from other top experts in the Information Security Industry. The eight-month-old blog can be found at:

“It’s great that we’ve been recognized as one of the best business blogs. That means we really are creating a “security aware” culture of computer users,” said Winn Schwartau, president of The Security Awareness Company. “It’s the people, not just the technology that will limit computer security threats in the future.”

The Security Awareness blog has an Atom formatted XML site feed for syndication and news readers, along with other standard RSS feeds. The blog also has a convenient email update for opt-in subscribers, which is normally sent twice a week, Schwartau added.

Founded by Winn Schwartau, The Security Awareness Company (Interpact, Inc), offers a range of information security services for today's organizations, both government and commercial. Interpact assists in securing, protecting and maintaining information technology systems and the integrity of client and proprietary resources through security awareness training online, newsletters and creative artwork and materials. We focus on the people, not the technology. For more information on InterPact, please visit or call (727) 393-6600.

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Security Awareness for Best Overall and Best Tech Company Blog

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