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Free Security Awareness Calendar

I found this free pdf calendar on Security Awareness at the Noticebored blog. It looks good on the wall here at work and I emailed a copy to the IT department. Great idea to put it out there for free.



People Finding Service - Manage Your Identity

I found this people finding resource, ZoomInfo, yesterday and immediately went to check my own profile. There were dozens of Greg Hoffman’s listed and five of them were me. Some were accurate, some weren't.

This service finds your name, company, title and address through contact pages or directories on the Internet. It’s your job to piece together your profile and claim your listings. Once you do, it’s sort of an online resume/profile of where you’ve worked and what you’ve done.

Use the service to find others, but first and foremost, use it to claim yourself and set the record straight. You can sign up for the free service to claim your profile and update it.

My profile says I'm the CEO of my company. That has been corrected but it takes up to 48 hours for the changes to be made public.



Don't Sing Along with XM at Work

I just found it extremely hard to control myself while sitting here at the office. I'm working on budget reports and listening to XM on MyFI. I recorded a few hours of 70's music last week so I can drown out the noise around me during this monthly project.

Franki Valli's "Who Love You" came on and had the urge to sing out loud, which I don't do well. I suddenly remembered I don't work in a small office anymore. Phew, it was close. I would have had to act criminally insane for a while so my co-workers would think it was normal.

Lesson learned.



RSS Feed Reader Wishlist

Ever since I ordered an individual license for FeedDemon in July, I became spoiled and hooked on RSS feeds from dozens of blogs and news sites. I published my Top 40 favorite RSS feeds in August and the list hasn't changed much.

When I started at Thompson Group, I couldn't transfer my personal license so I've gone without updates until late at night or weekends, or not at all. I went to Bloglines and set up an account there but it's web-based and the interface isn't as good as FeedDemon so I've really fallen behind in my reading.

Protopage just released an update with an news feed panel, but again it doesn't compare to FeedDemon. So, I finally convinced our IT department to purchase a subscription to FeedDemon for my workstation here in the E-Commerce Department. I'm probably pushing my luck with them, but it's such an awesome research tool, I can't live without it.

Am I alone in this craze to use quality feed readers? I assume bloggers and tech savvy people get it, but I'm alone at my company, as far as I know. What feed reader do you use?

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Can Guerrilla-Style Tactics Work Effectively in PR?

CHALLENGE: Encourage the PR industry to learn and profit from the tactics practiced by guerrilla marketing agencies.
"Guerrilla marketing means working with a limited or non-existent budget," says Greg Hoffman.
Read this article from PR & Marketing Network.


The Gorilla is ALIVE!

Thank you for the condolences but I'm still very much alive. The producer of the Saw horror movies, Gregg (with two g's) Hoffman died this week, not me.

I've been attending the Search Engine Strategies Show in Chicago and barely made it out before the snow hit. I flew standby on a 1:15 flight and found out later that my original 4:00 flight was eventually cancelled because the flight crew was delayed somewhere else. I'm very happy that I didn't end up sleeping at O'Hare last night.

Anyway, I'm not dead. Thanks for the thoughts though.

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