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I found this people finding resource, ZoomInfo, yesterday and immediately went to check my own profile. There were dozens of Greg Hoffman’s listed and five of them were me. Some were accurate, some weren't.

This service finds your name, company, title and address through contact pages or directories on the Internet. It’s your job to piece together your profile and claim your listings. Once you do, it’s sort of an online resume/profile of where you’ve worked and what you’ve done.

Use the service to find others, but first and foremost, use it to claim yourself and set the record straight. You can sign up for the free service to claim your profile and update it.

My profile says I'm the CEO of my company. That has been corrected but it takes up to 48 hours for the changes to be made public.


Blogger Danny R. Faught said...

Fascinating. Of the 13 entries for "Danny Faught", all were me except for the one for "Dan Faught". I guess I need to help clean it up. One of the company affiliations is from an article that used "Dan" as a hypothetical person in a hypothetical company, and my name happened to be mentioned elsewere, in the credits. Looks like the site is a bit overaggresive.


11:14 AM  
Anonymous Ryan James said...

This is a great tool to check out exactly how you are perceived on the net. Good find.

-Ryan James

11:47 PM  

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