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Great Blog Tool

I found this a few days ago when someone emailed me an interview request. - Read interviews and rate the most influential bloggers on the web. I signed up for the self interview and after it was reviewed, they published it and linked to the Internet Marketing Gorilla blog. Pretty neat. I guess in hindsight, I would have packed the answers full of keywords but I was just filling out the fields to see what would happen, if it ever happened...

Read what I wrote about my personal blog, Marketing Gorilla, and stay tuned for the Kowabunga blog review.

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The Internet is Down - Watch this Video

The Internet Is Down!

Watch Video




Taxes on Cigars - Urgent Request from Thompson Cigar

I received this email from my old buddy Ben at Thompson Cigar this morning:

Thompson Cigar

!!! Urgent Request from Thompson Cigar !!!


The U.S. Senate will shortly vote on a proposal to expand
the state children’s health insurance program by $35 billion.
Funding is to be provided solely through higher tobacco taxes.
The tax increases on cigars are particularly punitive,
as all large cigars would be subject to a tax of 53.13% of the
manufacturer’s selling price. This is an increase of 156.4%
over the current rate! And, while the current tax on cigars is
capped so no cigar pays more than $.05 in federal taxes,
the proposed legislation would increase the cap by 20,413%
(not a typo) to $10 per cigar! The combination of these two
factors will result in a dramatic increase in cigar prices in
the U.S. and many cigar companies are likely to go out of business.

We urge you to phone the offices of your own U.S. Senators
(see list below), give them your name and address and ask
that they vote to oppose the punitively high cigar tax increases
in the state children’s health insurance legislation.
Please call only your own U.S. Senators because Senators
respond to the concerns their constituents, not to those who live in other States.

Click "Take Action Now" and email your senators!




Live Video from the KowaBunga HQ

I added a Stickam video widget to both the Internet Marketing Gorilla blog and the KowaBunga blog. So now you can see me live at work ALL day long.

KowaBunga bought me a Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks last week and I'll be using it to create videos for the blog, merchants and affiliates. Its much smaller than I expected but it has great quality. This is what it looks like, check it out at Tiger Direct.

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Pictures from Affiliate Summit

Shawn Collins and me in the Blogging room at Affiliate Summit. Visit Shawn's Flickr site.

Me, Stephanie Bernier, Tom Gianelli and Zac Johnson in the Think Partnership Booth at Affiliate Summit. See more of Zac's photos with exhibitors.

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New Polygraph Examiner Joins Tampa Firm

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) July 9, 2007 -- Bruce Hoffman & Associates, Inc., of Tampa, Fla., announces the hiring of Kathy Frank Smith as a polygraph examiner and private detective.

Smith recently graduated from the nationally accredited Academy of Polygraph Science. She retired this year after 26 years of service with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. Smith's law enforcement assignments ranged from uniformed patrol duty to her last assignment as a homicide detective. She served as a detective in Burglary, Child Abuse, Internal Affairs, Sex Crimes, Intelligence and Homicide.

"Kathy chose to stay a detective for her entire career because she enjoyed the responsibility of solving crimes," said Bruce Hoffman, owner of the firm. "Moving to the private detective and polygraph examiner side of the justice system is a natural progression for her and she'll add an immediate impact to our team."

Bruce Hoffman & Associates, Inc. is a polygraph, private investigation and security consulting firm based in Tampa, Fla. The office is located at 4302 Henderson Blvd, Suite 120. For more information, call (813) 639-0002 or visit





Check the Kowabunga Blog for Affiliate Summit Updates

Here we are in Miami for the Affiliate Summit. Half of the Think Partnership team is here tonight. We are staying at the Marriott Biscayne Bay. I took these shots from the 25th floor balcony a few hours ago. Miami is under construction. I counted 12 new highrises on my way from the airport.

The Affiliate Summit is being held at the Hotel Intercontinental starting tomorrow. Check the Kowabunga blog this week for updates.

See downtown Miami in the top picture.
The picture below is a view of Miami Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Internet Marketing Gorilla Gets Branded

I've been planning this for months now. It was a 2007 New Year's Resolution.

The Silverback Gorilla was done by Tattoo Artist Greu at Mean Machine Tattoo at 3415 S. Dale Mabry in Tampa. Pain was tolerable. The Wife and Kids love it. Parents? Well, you know...

Anyway, this is one bad ass gorilla tattoo. I love it.

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Missing Cupping Spoons from Cafe Belmondo

I received word this weekend that some very important coffee cupping spoons have turned up missing at my former place of employment - Cafe Belmondo. In my absence, one of the offline marketing managers captured these photos of me with the spoons and distributed them to the proper coffee authorities, listing me as the prime suspect.

I plead no contest....