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Ever since I ordered an individual license for FeedDemon in July, I became spoiled and hooked on RSS feeds from dozens of blogs and news sites. I published my Top 40 favorite RSS feeds in August and the list hasn't changed much.

When I started at Thompson Group, I couldn't transfer my personal license so I've gone without updates until late at night or weekends, or not at all. I went to Bloglines and set up an account there but it's web-based and the interface isn't as good as FeedDemon so I've really fallen behind in my reading.

Protopage just released an update with an news feed panel, but again it doesn't compare to FeedDemon. So, I finally convinced our IT department to purchase a subscription to FeedDemon for my workstation here in the E-Commerce Department. I'm probably pushing my luck with them, but it's such an awesome research tool, I can't live without it.

Am I alone in this craze to use quality feed readers? I assume bloggers and tech savvy people get it, but I'm alone at my company, as far as I know. What feed reader do you use?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used FeedDemon and love it as well and can't wait until Nick releases version 2.0 as that version does not require you to create a newsgator account to use it. He wrote about it in his blog.

I also tryed Newscrawler which uses smart folders and is kind of like FeedDemons watch feature. The link is in case you want to try it.

If you just read rss feeds and do not subscribe to podcasts, alot of folks recommend GreatNews at

There are a few others as well but I have taken up enough of your time.

6:36 PM  
Blogger rickdog said...

I really, really like
You can have as many feed tabs as you want, subscribe to others tabs, import your OPML and subscribes to feeds off of that. Best is to show descriptions, then when you read a feed, don't close the feed window and it will be reused. I've looked at so many readers, and this is, IMHO, by far the best. It's very web2.0'ish.
Take a look at mine at

5:15 AM  
Anonymous Windows eXPerience 64 said...

Feed Burner is pretty cool too.

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11:18 AM  

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