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As God is My Witness, I Thought Turkeys Could Fly

WGN has retro Sundays going on - Outta Sight Retro Night featuring WKRP in Cinncinnati, Barney Miller, Newhart and others.

I've been taping them and watching when time allows. Tonight I watched the most famous WKRP in Cinncinnati episode ever - the turkey drop.

Ya know, watching that show really makes me remember the employees that I worked with when I was at WRBQ - Q105 in Tampa. Even in 1991, radio stations were exactly like WKRP. The characters were all the same. Crusty old nutcase newsman. Pompous, egotistical or extremely cool deejays. Cute and lovable promotions babes. General managers that were clueless. And a Program Director that rocked, or at least thought he did.

I kinda wish I could name names, but I wouldn't want to give some of them the satisfaction of eternal search engine glory. Let's just thank God that one of them made it to the big time - I still listen to Ronnie "Night Train" Lane on XM 175, the MLB Home Plate station. I've been listening to him for about 25 years and I loved working with him in the early 90's.

And for the morning show producer that got fired and was replaced by ME, too bad you never amounted to anything. Yea were known as Hacksaw Jimmy back then. Send money you jackass! I answered your phones too many times at 6am and put up with horrible shtick with you and Mike and Kent. I still have a picture of you dressed as a referee for a Hot Dog Vendor mud wrestling match. I'll post it on ebay one of these days and sell it to Letterman.


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