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Politics and Affiliate Marketing Revisited

Last summer, Shawn Collins raised the issue of politics and affiliate marketing - whether the two should mix and how well it would work if they did. Apparently the RNC had a Commission Junction program for several years but it was left on auto-pilot and floundered without proper management.

I'm not here to talk politics. This would work for McCain, Obama and Nader, but the Libertarian Candidate, Bob Barr (someone I have met and talked with at length), is my guy this year so I'm using him as an example.

While I was perusing the Barr Blog this morning, I noticed they had a page for widgets and banners. They are already half way there!!! All they need is to join a network and hire an affiliate manager. The links below could easily be used to track donations and email sign ups from affiliate sites. Shawn says the RNC gave affiliates 30% of the donations, capped at $30, with 45 return days. How much is a voter email worth to a political candidate? $.15, $.50, $1.00???

The market already exists. There are thousands of sites dedicated to each political party and millions more with completely different themes but I'm sure they would be happy to promote their favorite candidate and receive an affiliate commission at the same time.

So let's think about this from the third party stance. Continue to beg sites to post widgets or banners for free and raise about $100,000 a week online, or start an affiliate program, sign up thousands of affiliates within the first week and potentially reach hundreds of thousands of voters with a convenient little widget asking them for money or their email. Seems like affiliate marketing should be part of the mix already.

Now who will be the first to capitalize on this idea? There are four months left. It's worth it for one of the candidates to at least try it.

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Anonymous Mike Allen said...

Maybe you should contact him about being that affiliate manager. :)

3:42 PM  
Blogger Marketing Gorilla said...

What an awesome idea Mike.

8:09 PM  

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