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Johnny Depp as Tonto?

I guess because I've been a faithful Netflix fan for the last year, I'm finally interested in what is coming out next. So a few weeks ago I stumbled onto Its a great site that gives you insight about all the movies being made.

You know how you see movie previews and go "I didn't know they were going to make that movie, Cool!"

Well this site tells you what movies are upcoming. Like Shrek 4, Pirates of the Carribean 4, Beverly Hills Ninja 2, I Am Legend Prequel, Cars 2 and best of all - The Lone Ranger.

Here's an item where they talk about Johnny Depp as Tonto and maybe George Clooney as the Lone Ranger. Is Clooney The Lone Ranger?

Anyway, just thought I would point you to that site. I read the headlines every few days.



Georgia Haunted House "Camp Blood"

Sep 19, 2008 – For the second year in a row, and in its 18th year, Georgia haunted attraction Camp Blood announced a Thursday Special. On Thursday nights, scare fanatics who bring 3 cans of food to help feed the hungry will get admission to Mabel’s Bled & Breakfast free! That’s a $5 value just for helping feed the less fortunate. Once again, Manna House Ministries has stepped up to be the distributor for the food gathered.

“It’s an opportunity for us to give back to the community,” says Camp Blood Administrator Mark Atcheson. "It hit me during a revival at Fellowship Baptist Church last year that I needed to do something about the hunger situation in Carroll County and I believe this is what Jesus has laid on my heart to do."

Manna House Food Pantry will receive all the donations collected by Camp Blood. Manna House regularly hundreds of families each month and is a ministry of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Clem, Georgia.

Camp Blood and Mabel's Bled & Breakfast are open Friday and Saturday nights beginning September 19th thru September 28th. Then Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights beginning October 2nd thru October 27th. We will also be open October 29th, 30th and 31st. The frights begin at 9pm. We close weeknights at 11pm and weekends at midnight.

Unlike standard walk and stumble attractions, Camp Blood’s guides take groups of visitors through a ‘quarter mile of sheer terror’. Visitors find themselves walking, stopping, screaming, jumping, running, and cowering as they attempt to keep up with the sneaky guides and dodge the monsters.

For more information, visit Camp Blood on the web at

# # #

Camp Blood was rated in 2007 as one of the top 10 haunted destinations in the U.S. Located in West Georgia (Carrollton) Camp Blood and Mabel's Bled and Breakfast have been thrilling haunted house enthusiasts for 15 years.



Small Public Relations Agency Professionals Group on Yahoo

In March of 2003, a colleague and I started a small yahoo group for small public relations agency professionals. We were both part of a different group that was led by one person who posted multiple rants about various topics. We wanted something relevant, quite and useful.

I left that group mentally a few years ago and finally quit in the last year, but as I pick up more press release projects for search engine optimization, I need that sense of community we shared. Yahoo groups may not seem relevant in today's world, but believe me, it's nice to have 400 people behind you.

If you have a small PR agency, join SmallPRAgencyPros.



Real Estate Veteran Turns to Internet Marketing During Struggling Economy

This is a sneak peek at a press release that is going out tomorrow on PRWeb for a new client, Todd Wetzelberger in Baltimore. It's a great story and I wish Todd the best in his new online ventures.

A Veteran Real Estate Investor and Developer from the Baltimore area has shifted his revenue focus to diversify and survive the current market downturn. He moved to online marketing with the help of a few tools and the sage advice from Internet Marketing Gurus.

Todd Wetzelberger, Baltimore, has ventured into this new business with as much knowledge as possible. After doing his due diligence for the last year, he has partnered with Epic Wealth Systems to bring cash gifting to the real estate investing world. Organized cash gifting has been online for more than eight years but with the current economy, the programs have proliferated in the last nine months, according to Wetzelberger. His self-branded website,, promotes free training on how to drive traffic to your site and offers street smart tools to succeed in online marketing efforts.

Wetzelberger offers a free “Attraction Marketing Newsletter” to visitors on his site, which provides them resource links and encourages them to join the Epic Wealth System program. “The value add is all the relevant training we offer, whether they join or not,” Wetzelberger added. “We reserve advanced strategies if they join but all the basic training is actionable/ relevant.”

Epic Wealth System’s “secret” to success, is that they have arguably some of the best training on traffic generation and conversion, while cutting through the hype and fluff, according to Wetzelberger. “They have an incredible system that leverages your time immensely which allowed me time to finish current real estate projects, and devote a significant amount of time growing my online operation.”

Before starting with Epic Wealth Systems, Wetzelberger was a firm believer in the benefits he learned from another program, Strategic Profits’ Business Growth System (BGS). Strategic Profits was founded by Rich Schefren, known in the Internet marketing community as the "guru's guru," having provided sought-after business coaching to such high-profile luminaries as Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Joel Comm, Brad Fallon, Mike Filsaime, Yanik Silver, Jeff Walker and many more.

“I’ve read all the E-Myth books and Rich blows them away,” Wetzelberger said. “The BGS modules provide all the tools to build a successful online business. There is so much to implement, I have hard time doing it all.”

Wetzelberger has been a full time investor/developer, renovating more than 100 units in two cities, owned/managed 60 rental units and is a specialist in historic redevelopment. His company, Anchor Development LLC, was recently featured on the front page of the Real Estate section of the June 1, 2008 Baltimore Sun, which detailed the use of historic tax credits and their effectiveness in selling property in a down market.



Great Affiliate Banner Designs by

I want to thank the great work done by the staff over at, the featured partner for Snow Consulting. They have done banners for two of my programs, Shock Coffee and They really capture exactly what is needed in an affiliate banner. Easy to read, easy to look at and very effective. I would recommend them to anyone looking for banner designs. is a leading banner ad design firm. They specialize in rich media online advertising across all media platforms including Flash, Animated GIF, DART Motif, PointRoll, Eyeblaster, Yahoo Rich Media, Atlas, and their own proprietary banner ad technologies. Their design team is talented and experienced. They've been working together since 1999 from their corporate offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. WebPencil delivers agency quality ads at prices most agencies can't touch.

Here are some samples:


Shock Coffee Datafeed Now Available in ShareASale

Shock Sampler Kit - $ 29.95

From: Shock Coffee, LLC

Shock-A-Lots - $ 39.99

From: Shock Coffee, LLC

TRIPLE-MOCHA 24 PACK - $ 36.99

From: Shock Coffee, LLC



Football Season Excitement At Sunshine Rewards

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Starting a New Fish Tank Soon

I was a successful aquarium fish hobbyist for many years and now I'm about to get back in with some exciting new products. My past aquariums have been 10-, 20- and 46-gallon tanks. But my next will most likely be a 12-gallon Fan-Cooled Nano Cube Aquarium.

This desktop version is available through Doctors Fosters and Smith starting at $119.99. I want something compact, easy to clean, and has filtration and lighting included.

My goal is to have two tanks, one for saltwater and one for freshwater. The freshwater tank will be packed with plants and schools of small fish.

As soon as they are purchased, set up and looking good, I'll post some pictures.

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.

NFL Super Bowl Predictions 2009

So the Super Bowl will be in Tampa on February 1, 2009 and no one at NFL on Fox thinks the Bucs will be in the Super Bowl.

Everyone says the Dallas Cowboys have the most talent this year. When I listened to the pundits about the MLB in Spring Training, they had me convinced the Detroit Tigers were going to be fantastic. I should have picked the Rays.

I'm not listening to anyone this year for NFL predictions. I say the Bucs will make it to the Super Bowl and they'll face the Colts. Bucs winning by 10.

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Association of Marine Technicians - Back to My PR Roots

In June of 2002, I was still owner of my Public Relations and Marketing Communications company, known as Tarpon Media or The Tarpon Agency. I picked up two clients in one package that month, CDI Electronics and AMTECH, the Association of Marine Technicians. Check out the article republished from Marina Business, a trade magazine - 06/28/02 AMTECH appoints marketing & PR director

Isn't that a great Logo??

I loved working for AMTECH and helping them get the word out to the boating industry trade publications that they were alive and well and helping their members in ways that no one else was willing to do. The biggest benefit members had through AMTECH was access to diagnostic and troubleshooting manuals from various manufacturers. The average customer takes their boat to the guy down the street, not necessarily to the manufacturers fix-it shop. The AMTECH website has a password protected area where members can post on forums, share information and get a better handle on their profession.

When I no longer had my agency, my full-time job interfered with any pro-bono work I could do for AMTECH, but not anymore. I've already told the President of AMTECH, Joe De Marco, that I will help them in any way I can. It also helps that I'll soon be moving very close to Canton, Georia, where AMTECH is based.

The problem AMTECH faces is the economy. Its hard to collect dues in hard times and boating is a luxury. So I can't do anything to help the industry, but I will do what I can to help AMTECH deliver its message to its constituents.

Adding Another Affiliate Program to the Snow Consulting Family - - 12% Commission

I'm excited to announce another affiliate program through Snow Consulting -, with a starting commission of 12%. The 30-day EPC is $53.70. CenterCaps is listed under the automotive category in ShareASale and offers customers wheel center caps, wheel covers and hub caps for every make and model vehicle.

# Starting Commission of 12% per sale
# 90 Day Tracking Cookie
# Auto-Deposit Feature
# Parasite Free
# Dedicated Program Management by Snow Consulting

# Free shipping on all orders in the US
# Just $9.99 shipping on all orders to Canada
# Over 1,000,000 hub caps and center caps to choose from

In addition to the banners and text links, we also provide a full product datafeed that includes 2,100+ products. The datafeed file is uploaded consistently so you have the most up to date information. Stay tuned as we will be adding the datafeed to PopShops and

Widgets have been created for top selling categories and overall top sellers. It is a clean, effective way of promoting products or brands in a storefront template.

We provide all partners with search boxes. This allows your visitors to search for certain name brands and/or products from your site and be directed to the product and/or name brand page on The conversion to sale is much higher as customers get directed to the product of their choice.

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