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Association of Marine Technicians - Back to My PR Roots

In June of 2002, I was still owner of my Public Relations and Marketing Communications company, known as Tarpon Media or The Tarpon Agency. I picked up two clients in one package that month, CDI Electronics and AMTECH, the Association of Marine Technicians. Check out the article republished from Marina Business, a trade magazine - 06/28/02 AMTECH appoints marketing & PR director

Isn't that a great Logo??

I loved working for AMTECH and helping them get the word out to the boating industry trade publications that they were alive and well and helping their members in ways that no one else was willing to do. The biggest benefit members had through AMTECH was access to diagnostic and troubleshooting manuals from various manufacturers. The average customer takes their boat to the guy down the street, not necessarily to the manufacturers fix-it shop. The AMTECH website has a password protected area where members can post on forums, share information and get a better handle on their profession.

When I no longer had my agency, my full-time job interfered with any pro-bono work I could do for AMTECH, but not anymore. I've already told the President of AMTECH, Joe De Marco, that I will help them in any way I can. It also helps that I'll soon be moving very close to Canton, Georia, where AMTECH is based.

The problem AMTECH faces is the economy. Its hard to collect dues in hard times and boating is a luxury. So I can't do anything to help the industry, but I will do what I can to help AMTECH deliver its message to its constituents.


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