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Think Partnership Changes its name to Kowabunga!

Think Partnership Announces the Intention to Change Its Name to Kowabunga!
Leading Provider of Performance and Technology Advertising Solutions to Adopt Name of Its Popular Affiliate Marketing Brand

Well it's about time they finally got around to making that change. It's been an idea for months now and everyone seemed to like it. I'm glad the company is going to be known as a brand now, not just an innocuous corporate umbrella. Scott Mitchell is a good leader and he has a great C-level team to help him take this company to the next level.

I keep telling my father and uncle not to sell their THK stock. This is just another step the company is taking to actually become the leading provider of interactive performance-based advertising networks and technology platforms. All I have to say is, go Tech Team! I'm not an employee anymore but I'll be an affiliate for a long time. And I want my dad and uncle to make some money on the stocks this year...

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