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What are your Competitive Goals?

Answer these questions: Have you gone bowling lately and been disappointed with your score? Do you know who your main business competitors are? When was the last time you were named employee of the month? If you played Scrabble with a group of friends tonight, who would win?

In my opinion, its good to be competitive, to a point. I think one can become too competitive and alienate family, friends and coworkers. (Newspaper reporters are the worst, I should know, the Marietta Daily Journal almost killed me)

For the last few years, I've been great at identifying competitive companies and attacking their weaknesses for the benefit of "our" sales goals. But, I also noticed I've neglected the rest of my competitive nature. The drive to do better in all areas of my life is about to kick into high gear. I'm sure I'll be humbled on a minute-to-minute basis at the new job. That's to be expected, so I'm not worried about internal competition, yet.

I am worried that my Scrabble game has deteriorated. I've concentrated on high tech articles and news items too much. Now, I'm reading the Wall Street Journal and several Word Power books to improve my game. Playing online every once in while helps. So watch out friends - you know who you are.

I'm also going to work on the self-image, sitting in small/home office for the last 6 years hasn't helped.

Finally, when doing competitive business analysis, it's easy to choose a resident evil. Find your anti-thesis at another company and do everything you can to beat them to the punch. In the past, I've made sure to make contact with this person at least once at a trade show or conference. Kind of the smug James Bond tipping your hand introduction. They'll get it one day.

Setting competitive goals is just one of the things this Marketing Gorilla is doing to prepare for a new journey: Learn as much about the company culture, it's products and the job processes as fast as possible - all while staying well-rounded and well-grounded.

What about you?

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Anonymous scrabblequeen said...

Yes, we know who we are.

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