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Our Online Dating Success Story -

You may or may not know this but over the summer, I got engaged! Her name is Jen Williams and we met on eHarmony last year. Our official match date was 11/27/08.

I was on eHarmony after my divorce several years ago but I wasn't ready for a serious commitment. When my children relocated from Florida to the metro-Atlanta area in the fall of 2008, I started looking at relocating and wanted to get serious about finding the right match once I moved. During the Thanksgiving Weekend, I signed up for eHarmony again and filled out my detailed profile. This time I knew in my head the kind of person I was looking for in Atlanta. I had a checklist. I won't embarass her with the details here but I will tell you that my search was over on day one. Jen was the only person I went to open communication with and as soon as we started talking on the phone, I cancelled my eHarmony subscription. When you know, you know.

Jen had been on eHarmony for a while and was about to give it a break. I think my persistence and overall confidence that we should be together helped her decide that she was done looking as well.

We were an incredible match from the beginning. We talked for hours every night for the next two weeks. We met one night in mid December at a Taco Mac in Alpharetta. There was an instant attraction. Sometime during the date she excused herself and went to the ladies room. On her way back, she leaned into the booth and kissed me. I was floored. I was in love.

I Got Lucky. In January, I was fixated on XM Elvis Radio. One night I heard the song, I Got Lucky, a 1962 recording from the movie Kid Galahad. For some reason, every lyric of that song hit me with truth. I really did get lucky when I found Jen. And I have cherished her everyday since then. Needless to say we have a theme song.

I moved to Roswell in March and the courtship was on... We are getting married on June 12, 2010 in Roswell, Georgia. Her two boys and my son and daughter will be a family that day. For now, we are spending lots of time together and loving every minute of it.

It's time for you to join eHarmony. You know who you are.


Anonymous Sabrina said...

Wow! Your story would make a great TV commercial. Congratulations to you, Jen & your kids.

10:16 PM  
Blogger southbeachannie said...

Hurray for LOVE!!

7:17 AM  

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