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Easy Card Designer Affiliate Program

Easy Card Designer allows any webmaster to easily build a custom business card design store linked directly to their site. Affiliates can become customers or just promote the service to other sites. Please check out our program benefits:

Up to $20 Commission for every sale
365 return days
10% 2nd Tier Commissions

As an affiliate, I signed up for the program in ShareASale here:

I went to and clicked the blue Get Started banner at the bottom. Then I signed up and chose the Turnkey business software link. Its a quick and easy process. When its set up the way you like it, you get your unique url for your store and you are ready to promote it.

Final step, I went back to ShareASale, cliked on the Create A Custom Link Tool for affiliates and added my Easy Card Designer unique store url as the destination url. ShareASale provided my custom link.

So check out my store and buy some business cards.

You can create your own store and your own link or you can contact us and we will build custom links for you.

IF you don't want to build your own store and you want to take advantage of the 2nd tier commission, use a banner like this to promote the program.


Anonymous nachase said...


Saw your tweet on twitter this morning. Just wondering if the 'store' URL is created on my own domain (hostgator) or the vendor's?

Seems like an easy process, have you seen sufficient revenue to make this managable?

How often are your comissions paid?


Nicholas Chase

11:48 AM  
Blogger Marketing Gorilla said...

Great question. The store you create for free is hosted on their server. We think the revenue is going to be huge! Consider yourself competing with all of the major business card print shops online. ShareASale pays commissions monthly and on time.

11:56 AM  

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