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Men's Coupons Sites Soar in Second Quarter '09

As the economy slowed and families had to dig deeper this Spring to make ends meet, coupon focused web sites have seen tremendous growth, especially one specific site that caters to unlikely users - men.

A quick review of Google News under the keyword "coupons" will show thousands of recent media mentions, all talking about how shoppers are taking advantage of online discounts, said Traci Dean, owner of "We focus on helping men who find it difficult to shop online or are too busy and want to find good deals in one place," she said.

Dean reports Second Quarter '09 sales for will be an estimated 75% more than the Second Quarter '08 results. The site has also added approximately 500 additional e-commerce merchants this year and is working directly with affiliate managers to provide custom coupons for its customers.

"We have recommendations to what women want, suggestions made by women, and by the same token, for women using our site, we have recommendations for what men like, suggestions made by men," Dean said.

Stereotypes don't apply these days when it comes to using coupons and saving money at the grocery store or online, according to retiree Martin De La Montainge, of Tampa. "I'm happy to save money anyway I can. The only coupons I used in the past were found in Sunday newspapers, however, I found that sends a weekly email containing many coupons for different products that fit my needs. Occasionally I will see a coupon for a product that I have never used before and the discount provided by the coupon is an incentive for me to purchase the product and try it at least once." works with reputable merchants and adds exclusive coupons every month in many different categories such as: Sports & Fitness, Electronics; Health; Apparel and many others. The owners of also run to compliment their services and give its visitors updates on major sports related stories mixed with deals they might like. For more information, visit or contact by email: contact(at)


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