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Greg Hoffman Becomes Certified Affiliate Manager

In 2006, I attended Affiliate Summit for Thompson Cigar. While I was there I met Janet Meiners Thaeler and she convinced me to purchase the original Affiliate Classroom Affiliate Manager training course. It came in a box with a huge 3-ring binder with workbooks and DVDs all over the place. I found it to be a great resource but it lacked any final certification.

In 2007, while with Kowabunga, I bumped into AC's Anik Singal at another Affiliate Summit. I pestered him about when he would move the Manager course online. He said it was coming soon and that everyone was looking forward to it.

In 2008, my former employee and now one of my best friends, Lisa Van Noland-Caraffi, was one of the first affiliate managers to jump in and complete the AC Certified Training online. You can see her testimonial on the AC Certified homepage...

In 2009, I finally committed to investing in the training. Tonight, I completed the final exam. It's very rewarding and let me tell you, the final exam was not a piece of cake. After all the successful affiliate programs I've managed in the last 5 years in all the major networks, the AC Certified Training taught me tips and tricks I've never considered.

Thank you Rachel! I owe you some donuts.

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