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Get Solar Power for Your Home

SunPower Corp produces the world’s most POWERFUL and EFFICIENT solar systems and is leading the way in product innovation. As a manufacturer of the highest-efficiency solar-panels, SunPower is transforming neighborhoods and bringing the environmental community together like never before, providing a powerful global solution to homeowners.

This is cool technology -
Introducing the SunPower Monitoring System® with three ways to monitor — wireless in-home display, web interface, and on-the-go access from your iPhone™ or iPod® touch mobile devices. Now you can track the performance of your solar system on your terms.

Now if I could only get my apartment complex to install these, my power bill wouldn't be so high and I could say I was living a "green" lifestyle. Of course, I would have to live in one of these areas..Central Valley CA, North California, La Metro area, Bay Area CA, San Diego(Inc Palm Springs), Palm Springs, New York, Denver Boulder, Phoenix, Honolulu, Boston, South Jersey, Philly suburbs.


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