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Greg Hoffman, Marketing Gorilla ... What?

Where in the world did the Marketing Gorilla name come from? Easy enough to explain.

During my time with the world-renowned Computer Security Guru Winn Schwartau, he needed guerrilla marketing to promote his new company and products. At some point he started calling me Gorilla Greg. That was about the time I started this blog for my own personal SEO and branding.

Over the last few years, it went from Guerrilla Marketing to Gorilla Greg to Marketing Gorilla. Then the look and feel evolved with the help of my graphic designer buddy, Brian Jones at Thompson Cigar and my blog template designer Karen Rani.

So if you want to do any research on who I am, all you have to do is type in "Marketing Gorilla" in the search engines. There are lots of copycats but I rank number one. Except of course for my name, because certain movie databases misspell the late Gregg Hoffman, producer of the SAW movies.

And then of course there is the tattoo to go along with the whole branding thing...That branding effort will be with me forever.


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