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Carter Gaddis from the Tampa Tribune on the Rays in 2005

On February 3, 2005, Carter Gaddis, the baseball beat writer for the Tampa Tribune, gave an interview to a blogger. The blog is closed now but the post is still active. Read the whole interview but check out what Carter predicts. He was only off by one year.

JL: Last question: Is there any parting words that you'd like to leave me and/or Devil Ray Fans? Thank you, Mr. Gaddis and I hope that this year is your best year as a writer.

CG: Hang in there. I believe that better days are ahead for the Rays. Those days won't happen this year, or even next year. But by 2007, if the stars align, things could turn in a winning direction. There's enough young talent (Upton, Young, Crawford, Baldelli, Kazmir, Niemann, McClung) to warrant optimism in the next few years. Just don't expect too much, too soon. This year (and probably next) will be more of the same.


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