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What is affiliate marketing - a guide for my friends at Red Bear Radio

My friends at Red Bear Radio are looking for ways to monetize their forum - The online dj's use the Stickam webcam service to entertain a loyal and growing audience. To help pay for better services and offset some of their costs, I am proposing they try affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing they asked? Wikipedia says: Affiliate marketing is a web-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's marketing efforts.

The Red Bear Radio Forum is considered an affiliate, or a publisher. I'm going to tell them to join several networks and start deciding what products or services they think their community members would most likely purchase in the next three months. In the network they will join advertisers, or merchants, such as iTunes, which pays 5% on all purchases from its links and is a great fit for this project. Or maybe their audience will buy some coffee, cigars or ringtones. Who knows? They just have to test test test the links.

After an affiliate gets accepted, they find the links they like, copy and paste them in the html template and then encourage their audience to buy the offers. Easy enough. For a starter, like Red Bear Radio, it won't make them rich, but after a few months, it should help them pay a few bills.



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