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Pacific Modeling & Acting Academy a fraud?

I don't understand why parents can't use Google to check out companies like Pacific Modeling & Acting Academy before they invest thousands of dollars for classes. I read a story on today about parents who were stood up by the agency at the Tampa Convention Center. Some of them spent up to $9,000 on acting classes that were supposed to start this morning. No one from Pacific Modeling showed up.

While the kids were crying, the parents were calling the news media. TOO LATE! Your money is gone.

Here is a blog created by parents in Seattle that were screwed by this company. If you do some research in search engines, it won't take long - and don't end your search after the first four listings, go several pages deep.

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Blogger Sharon said...

I am a parent from Las Vegas, insulted that you would think parents didn't do their homework. First of all when my son was "recruited" it was back in March. I did my research and there was nothing negative about this specific company. HOWEVER, evidence pointed that this was a John Robert Powers affiliate and when I asked the "teachers" it they were, I was lied to. Everything pointed back to this Stanley Robinson guy and all their "success stories" were the same on the JRP website. There were many holes in their marketing scheme. I unlike many parents knew what was going on but really couldn't do anything about it since nothing happened yet. I paid my money just to see what would happen. My son was intrigued by the radio ad but when I told him the real story he was non chalant about it but still interested in doing something new and meeting new kids. I was hoing to be worng and maybe he would get some "reading" lessons out of it.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stanley Robinson, owner of PMAA is associated with George Gammon, owner of A.C.T. (Academy of Cinema and T.V.). They were both associated with John Robert Powers and are sharing marketing materials. Employees that used to work for PMAA now work for A.C.T. a so called private academy for actors, models, singers and dancers. They are based out of Phoenix, AZ and go all over the nation. Just remember when you are reading about PMAA (Pacific Model and Talent Academy) they are an exact copy of Academy of Cinema and TV from Phoenix, AZ

6:57 PM  
Anonymous pabstoc said...

i am a parent from central florida that believes the scam money is supporting one of the schools that are still in the running / or more than one, maybe many,,,,,,,,,,,,, and so they still continue and have many fabricated so called buy outs and shuts down so they feed one by starving the other... in turn ripping parents off knowingly.. and i didn't mentios names this time.............

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Blogger Linda W. said...

Greg - Your a lot too late with your information about the blog site set up by the parents in Seattle. We all know about it and guess what? It was set up AFTER everybody got ripped off. When we googled PMAA before the rip off, there was nothing negative. In fact the parents in Seattle were telling us it was legit because they actually had a class or two under their belts. So before you make a judgment about the parents in Tampa, you need to get your information in order.

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