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Two videos you have to see on You Tube - A Mother's Gift

I've talked about Red Bear Radio on Stickam before and told you what a great bunch of people are part of that community. Well, here is an example that should be seen all over the world.

One of the regular members at Red Bear Radio is a woman named Jade from the U.K. She recently asked one of the Stickam DJ's - John, aka Smooth Operator, to do her a special favor. John is a crane operator in Houston.

Jade lost two girls when she was pregnant with them many years ago and she needed some closure. She asked that John take two balloons and write the girls name on them and tie them to the top of the crane. Another show host, Robert Matarazzo, dedicated a song for the event. After taking some pictures and video of the balloons, John released them into the sky.

Here is the first video of John and the balloons on the crane.

Here is the reply video of John and Jade meeting to discuss this beautiful event.

I just had to write about it and I encourage you to share the video with friends.



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