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Now Accepting PR Pitches for Internet Marketing Related Companies

Hey PR Person! Do you have a press release that you positively have to get out in the next 24 hours??? If you use BusinessWire, Vocus/PRWeb, PRNewswire, ereleases or any other press release distribution service, send me your news...

I'm looking to offer free posts for products or services on legitimate ecommerce sites, especially anything in the search or affiliate marketing industries. I already post anything Affiliate Classroom releases, here is an example: Employers Can Post Open Affiliate Manager Positions for Free with Affiliate Classroom

So hit me with your PR Pitches. I look forward to being swamped with emails.
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    Blogger jbeaul said...

    Hi Greg,

    Hopefully as a peruser (sp?) of the PRWeb front page, you're already aware of the RSS feeds available to you from PRWeb. Visit to view all the feeds segregated by industry. There are also feeds by geography at and .

    Plenty of fresh news to keep you busy.


    Joe Beaulaurier

    10:19 AM  

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