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Help A Reporter - Connecting Journalists with Subject Matter Experts

Sharing with you today a great resource. You'll want to tell the
PR people, marketers, publicists, editors, and journalists you work
with about it too, because it's all about them and their needs.

If you're not already using, check it out.
It's a service much like that other one that connects PR people and
journalists looking for sources, but this one is free. It used to
be on Facebook, but grew too large for it. Once you subscribe, you
receive about three (sometimes two, no more than four, ever) emails
a day with reporter, editor and freelance writer queries, written
so you can quickly and easily scan the topics for relevance.

If the topics do not apply to you or your clients, just hit delete.
If they do, you may contact the reporter or editor directly, as

Note that Peter Shankman, the list facilitator, is very strict
about helping out these reporters. Respond only if your
information (or your client's info) is relevant and on target. If
not, and you send non-relevant emails more than once, you'll get
bumped off the list. Quickly. I've seen it happen. He's a big
believer in good Karma, and he's also quite funny, and tends to
also include a link to a fun site, or a funny story about his day
in the emails. It's a nice refreshing change from the boring,
non-funny emails we usually deal with.

Reporters can post queries at, and
sources can sign up at - As I said, it's
free. Peter asks that if you find it useful, then you make a
donation to any animal rescue charity or animal hospital.

You can forward the queries to others who are a fit, but do not
post any queries (or the editor/reporter contact info) on any blogs
or public websites. I received permission from Peter to send you
this note, since this is a private group and I'm helping to spread
the word to both subscribers and media to sign up. - The more people who use it, the better it


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