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Online Training and Certification for Affiliate Managers - Review Coming Soon

I am proud to present my video endorsement of the Affiliate Classroom Certified Manager Online Course. All affiliate managers should obtain this certification to start or grow their careers. The easy-to-follow online course allows you to work at your own pace so you can learn on the job or in the evenings and weekends. Once you pass the course, your name will be listed among other certified managers on the AC website. You'll also receive an AC Certified "seal of approval" to place on your website.

I will personally take this course in the next month or so and will report back to you about its impact on my knowledge. I bought the Affiliate Manager 1st Edition box kit two years ago and I used it to help train my colleagues about affiliate marketing and I used it to train newbie affiliate managers at Kowabunga. Now all the information has been updated and put into this online course by Affiliate Classroom. Watch the video and sign up for the course through the banner below.


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