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Internet Marketing Resource #4 - Analytics

Every site should have an analytics package. Once you find a good resource, it's addictive. When I was with Thompson & Co., the Ecommerce department used Hitbox and CoreMetrics. Seeing the overlay of live traffic on a retail website like was pretty cool, especially when we just started a new promotion.

For all of my blogs, I use Sitemeter. It offers a site summary with total visitors overall since posting the code, average per day, average visit length, how many in the last hour, how many today and how many this week.

You can also see weekly and monthly stats and most importantly, referrals. I check the referrals often to see what keywords in Google and Yahoo my visitors are using to find me. The number one keyword phrase is obviously Gorilla Marketing. That's why I have the Amazon links to the Guerrilla Marketing books.

Knowing what sites link to you is important, but seeing what sites actually drive traffic to your site is more important. I know that when Shawn Collins has mentioned me or my blog in the past, I've seen instant spikes of several hundred readers. When Slashdot linked to one of my business blogs a few years ago, I wouldn't have known we had 65,000 hits in one day if it wasn't for Sitemeter.

Use the analytics to make your sites better and learn while you go. Sitemeter is free and easy to use. They do have an upgrade version which gives you an option for an invisible counter, larger amounts of records on file, advanced ranking reports and ad-free access. I've upgraded for one business blog, but I haven't seen the need to upgrade for this blog.

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