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Internet Marketing Resource #3 - Social Networking

How much social networking is necessary and where should you start? I would say if you want to learn from the big dawgs you have to play where they play. We'll skip MySpace, Ryze, Friendster and Orkut and go straight to Facebook. In my opinion, its by far the best way to keep track of your real friends, your business colleagues and your online friends. You'll even meet and get to know Facebook friends from all over the world.

One word of advice, don't get sucked into the endless applications that new friends invite you to try. It gets old real quick. Just click IGNORE. Sure it was fun owning some of my friends online photos for a dollar and daring others to outbid me so I could mass a fake fortune. But it did nothing for me personally or professionally. And I don't need to be bitten by a zombie ever again as a sign of friendship.

Facebook allows users to create their own groups. I feel there's no reason to recreate groups just so I can be the admin, so I only created one relevant to me - my high school class reunion group. We have our 20th this year and I am trying to gather as many people in the group as possible to hopefully increase our turnout. 12 out of 142 so far.

But also on Facebook, you get to read interesting industry news, scan witty one-liners or see videos of the experts in the industry you serve in. It works really well in the Affiliate and Paid Search industries because everyone who is anyone is active on Facebook. The interaction is much better than any other networks.

On a side note, I have to say Twitter is also fun. You can connect with the same professional audience as Facebook, but the updates include useful links or again, witty one-liners up to 140 characters long.

Social networking is evolving everyday so keep experimenting with the new tools and maybe we'll be following you one day.

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Blogger Blindguy55 said...

I love social Networking and as the host of Networking with the Blindguy at I get to do that each day with over 8 million people

Thanks again

SEE you on the Radio and on FACEBOOK
Dr Robin

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