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Internet Marketing Resource #2 - Password Management

I posted a video about two months ago regarding password management and I'd like to add it to number two on my list for this resource series.

To recap, passwords are important to me because one of my gigs was to work for a computer security expert and help promote his company online and offline. He had worked with some of the most infamous hackers in the world. His son, in turn, is probably one of the elite hackers in today's world and they taught me how to protect my information.

Simple explanation - build strong passwords that are easy enough to remember, then store them hidden in files that no one would look for or bother to open. Even if you are a home business owner, don't leave your password written on post-it note on your monitor. Come up with a system.

Example of a strong password - Take the words Affiliate Summit. Create a password that looks similar to this with any word or phrase: Aff99sum!

Read this post and watch the video for more information - Password Management for Affiliates



Anonymous Tara (PassPack) said...

Great advice to use a password manager.

I'm a founding partner at an online password manager (PassPack) so it's great to see folks giving the topic some attention.

If you're not familiar with online password managers, this might help:

Online vs. Offline password managers

Hope that's useful for you.
Tara Kelly

10:30 AM  
Blogger Marketing Gorilla said...

Great idea, thanks Tara.

10:58 AM  

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