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Craigslist vs. Facebook Marketplace

Craigslist won the battle against Facebook when it came time to sell my 3-in-1 pool table, ping pong and Texas Hold-em gaming table. But I was surprised at how many people were interested through the Tampa Bay Network on Facebook Marketplace. It was close to being equal in traffic to Craigslist.

I had the game table for sale for exactly a week and received dozens of inquiries from both sources. The funny thing was everyone asked the exact same question, is it still available. That tells me that items sell but owners neglect the listings.

Now if I can only convince someone to take the piano for free. It's still listed on both for a very good reason - it weighs more than 500 pounds and every time someone tries to move it, the legs break. That's why I decided to give it away, rather than sell it for $250.


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