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Autism Insurance Bill Introduced in the FL Legislature

This post is for my little buddy Patrick. If you live in Florida, please read and respond.

Good Morning!

Great news, Legislation has been introduced in Florida to require insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorders, and our politicians need to know that we want these bills to pass!

Go to to find out who your local representative is, call them and ask them to support House Bill 1291.

Go to to find out who your state senator is, call them and ask them to support Senate Bill 2654.

Maybe if insurance was REQUIRED to include coverage for Autism Spectrum Disorder treatments, families wouldn't have the additional stress of an extra mortgage payment each month, just to have their children treated in that precious window of time, where treatment is most successful (Applied behavior analysis, occupational therapy, Speech therapy, etc.)

Obviously, this is something very close to my heart, and it only takes 3 minutes to call and leave a message asking the Representative or Senator to support these bills.

Hugs & Thanks
Deborah Martino
Seminole, Florida
Also, if you want to learn more about Autism, you can buy books about the topic through They are an affiliate of Barnes & Noble where the commission is used for Autism Awareness.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today is the last day of work for our Legislators and the House Speaker, marco Rubio of Miami is blocking this bill for coming up for a vote - Senate has already passed it.

If you can, please call your house and senate legislators and tell them to vote for the bill that Autism Speaks supports. They NEED to do the right thing here. We've come so far.

Call MArco Rubio's office while you're at it. ;)


11:47 AM  

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