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Docstoc is a community of users sharing their professional documents

I get requests by email every once in a while to review a book or a new product. I've been a little busy lately so I'm just posting this one about Enjoy:

Docstoc is a community of users sharing their professional documents, and we have thousands of legal and business documents that can be downloaded for free.

In case you aren't familiar with us, here are some highlights about docstoc:

· 85,000+ free legal forms, business documents, excel templates, free real estate forms, sample business plans.

· Backed by the co-founders/investors of MySpace, Baidu,, and

· Launched about three months ago and have 30,000+ registered members and are ranked by in the top 14,000 most visited sites.

· Selected as one the presenting companies and most promising start ups for the TechCrunch40 conference by (Selected out of 700+ applying startups)

· The premier online community for professional content

For additional information feel free to check out these links:

Short Form Press Kit

How to Promote Yourself

Bloggers have also found our embed feature very helpful - you can embed documents into your blog after uploading them to docstoc. You can read more about it at our post here:


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