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Best Resources for Internet Marketing

I'm starting a new series here on the blog. The best resources an online marketing needs or could use to be organized, well-equipped and overall successful at making money online. This will include web based tools, forums, blogs, websites, networks, affiliate programs, widgets, applications and anything else I can throw in there. I want the list to be a must-have for affiliates, affiliate managers, ppc and seo managers, analytics managers, multi-variate landing page hackers and/or anyone that touches email marketing from content to distribution.

This is going to be a work in progress as this page serving as the updated link list to each new resource or idea. Feel free to comment or argue amongst yourselves if you don't agree with me. And if there is a specific resource missing from the list after I publish the top 10, there's probably a pretty good reason it's not published.

So let me sleep on it and I'll start the list asap.


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