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Back to the life as an affiliate

The donuts only lasted so long at Kowabunga. Once my affiliate industry idle, Rachel Honoway, left the company to return home and work for Affiliate Classroom, it was only a matter of time before politics got me.

So it's back to being an affiliate for me. I've cleaned up my CJ and Performics accounts and started working with Azoogle on a daily basis. If you know me, Linkshare is a given. They are the best built affiliate network out there, in my opinion. I'll also kindly ask my friends back at Kowabunga to allow me to start a new account for Microsoft adCenter so I can use my videos and posts to start making commissions instead of recruiting affiliates.

I was also approved this week to join the new Pepperjam affiliate network so I'll see what Kris can offer me. And I'll check out Share-A-Sale to see what programs I can match up with my sites. So, Brian Littleton - expect a phone call today...

Besides Rachel, my other favorite industry gurus are still out there and I'll keep taking their advice and see I can come out on top again. Thanks Sam Harrelson, Jim Kukral and Shawn Collins. Let's see, who else - Zac Johnson - keep kicking butt with the adCenter offer. Barry Boone - glad you are feeling better. Lisa Caraffi, affiliate manager extraordinaire - keep your chin up. You have a great job and they will reward you for your hard work.

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Anonymous Kim said...


What does this all mean? Did your job change? Or title? I am confused!!!!

4:57 PM  

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