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Hey Wikipedia Editors: I am the Notable Greg Hoffman!

See the post below for all the links regarding my Wikipedia fight. How many other Greg Hoffman's produce videos just to be on Wikipedia? That's what I thought.

And as for my other mention in this video, here is a great affiliate blog post by Zac Johnson, promoting the Microsoft adCenter program. Thank you, Zac.

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Blogger Carsten a.k.a. Roy/SAC said...

Hi Greg,

Speedy deleted as of today, that means that there was nothing that would even have justified a full AfD period.

I don't know who created the article, but if it was you, no wonder that it was speedy deleted. Also editing your own article is a very bad idea. You have a (natural) conflict of interest.

Importance is also not the same as notability. Notability goes hand in hand with the references used to back up claims made in the article. From the AfD comments did it appear that there were no references.

A video at your blog will not change anything, because it does not cause to change any of the criteria for an article in Wikipedia to your advantage.

A tip from marketer to marketer. Learn the rules of the community and obey them and don't push anything that only serves your own interest and not the community.

There are plenty of resources to Wikipedia available. One example is this post of mine at Search Engine Journal.


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