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I've never bought jewelry online, but given my circumstances, maybe its time. I was never big on buying jewelry during my 11-year marriage, and although I know that isn't what ended it, I don't think it helped either. In fact, it was brought up at one point, but more of a kick in the side than an actual reason.

Then, shortly after my divorce, a long-time female friend told me that I need to start saving up money because the next girlfriend should be spoiled with jewelry. I think it was a hint that she wanted to be that recipient but she lives about 3,000 miles away.

So today I heard about a contest on how to win a free pair of $1,500 diamond earrings from Goldsmith Jewelry in Orlando, Fla. Bloggers who write about the contest are eligible to win the prize. It certainly caught my attention and I'm glad to promote the opening of this jewelers site. They said they've been testing it for security and its open for business.

Maybe 2008 will be my year and my new girlfriend will get these for Valentine's Day, especially since I just lost my job and have nothing to give her for Valentine's Day but a card and a hug.


Anonymous C5 said...

Hi...bloghopping and checking on who already joined the contest. :) Good luck to all! :)

9:57 AM  
Anonymous dmahler said...

I voted for you even though I have no clue who you are and why I got the e-mail! Your name does look familiar though. Good luck to you! I hope you win! Debbie

7:56 PM  

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