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New Gorilla Shopping Blog for affiliate marketing

No internet access for nearly a week? Are you kidding me? I'm on vacation but I'm home. Bright House Cable here in Seminole, Fl. has really tried this single dad's patience. At least they got the cable working Monday. My two wonderful children would have mutinied against me if I didn't have that going as they spent the week with me. We'd be watching Bugsy Malone from Netflix! over and over again.

Tonight, I started a new blog for me and my girlfriend, Kristin. She loves to shop and I love to make money online. So, whenever we/she buys anything, we'll post product reviews on Gorilla Shopping for you to read. I know I have a growing audience of affiliate marketing colleagues, so I also want you to check it out to see how I do with this freebie site on Let's see how long it takes before I start getting search engine traffic. Let's see if I can make US Dollar number one. It's much more of an experiment than it is anything else.

I set up my own rules for that blog. You won't find any Kowabunga or Primary Ads links unless they link to the sign up page for the network or the specific merchant. I also will not post any second tier links to my own company. This is a very public experiment where I hope to publish my earnings and how I grew the commission month over month. I'll have an email sub box over there soon, but I wanted to show you what I had been doing during my Christmas vacation.

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