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From Cubicle Slave to the Next Internet Millionaire

Jaime Luchuck was a cubicle slave for years before finally drumming up the courage to get out and live her dream. And her dream wasn't working like a dog to make money for somebody else. It wasn't working in an environment that made her dread Mondays. Yes she was a finalist on The Next Internet Millionaire reality show, but that didn't make her an instant millionaire. Being on the show gave her the tools to put together her own winning business that she used to lift her out of nine-to-five hell. "From Cubicle Slave To The Next Internet Millionaire" shares those tools with you Inside you will learn: 20 life lessons that are crucial in your ultimate success Insider secrets and gossip from the Next Internet Millionaire reality show In depth ways to discover exactly what you want to do with your life How to wean yourself out of the nine-to-five job Key tips from 12 unbelievably successful internet gurus like Mark Joyner, Armand Morin and Jeff Walker.

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