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I like Detroit Already - They have White Castle

Krystal cheeseburgers don't have anything on White Castle cheeseburgers

I'm here in Detroit to meet my new Kowabunga family and as Johnny V was driving me to my hotel, I spotted a long-awaited site. A White Castle. If I wasn't with a new and respected co-worker, I might have shed a tear.

My father introduced me to slyders from White Castle at an early age while visiting family in Chicago. In fact, its the reason I don't eat egg salad sandwiches. See, we went to the White Castle on Indianapolis Blvd. in Hammond, Ind. Besides the fact that the ugliest people I had ever seen were at that location, we ate cheeseburger slyders until we were stuffed beyond reason.

Then we went back to my great-aunt's house, where she diligently made us her special egg salad sandwiches. We were obligated to eat them and my father probably had to threaten me to finish mine. Therefore, I don't eat egg-salad sandwiches anymore. But I sure love White Castle slyders.

Tonight I had 8 slyders and two Jalepeno slyders. Don't be fooled. The cheese is flavored jalepeno. Very disappointing. I wanted to sink my teeth into some juicy jalepenos. No such luck. And the hot sauce they dispensed was very mild. We have ketchup at home that is hotter.

So I'm happy to report that 45 minutes after leaving White Castle, I'm still healthy and alive. No signs of digestive interuptus. Let's hope it stays that way.

Now I can't wait to try out their breakfast meals. Muwahahahaha...

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Anonymous Jake Stevens said...

Perhaps you can provide a 90 and 180 minute updates. I have had White Castle before. And although quite tasty, I usually make a run, but not for the border.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Greg Hoffman, Internet Marketing Gorilla said...

14 hour update. White Castles are no longer in system. Orange juice and an apple for breakfast. Probably will not eat for the rest of the day.

9:11 AM  

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