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Guerrilla Marketing Causes Boston Bomb Scare

Marketing Vox echoes the headlines and story rolling across the Internet today about the boneheads that planted the circuit boards all over Boston promoting a cartoon. The story also questions the intelligence of Boston officials for not researching these little buggers online before creating a public panic.

Do you really think terrorists will have a sense of humor the next time they strike? Do roadside bombs have smiley faces painted on them or insulting remarks carved on them? How could anyone seriously take these things as a public threat. The Boston bomb squad even blew one up!

I'm not defending the guerilla marketers, they should have put an end to the news event as soon as they heard about it. But it seems as though Boston needs to calm down a bit.

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Anonymous jiggle master said...

Turner called the City of Boston, but officials weren't convinced and said they needed to ...keep scaring the public at large is what they continued to do with the msm lending a hand. but kudos to the reporter this afternoon to call bullshit on boston officials in that press conference. sorry, no link, saw it on network news.

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