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I decided to take my own advice and join some Linkshare affiliate programs. Please click on the newest sponsors of this humble blog and show me what it's like to be an affiliate. I've been on the Merchant side with my current company long enough to get the big picture.

If you want to join my programs, check out Thompson Affiliate Blog.

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Anonymous Online Shopping said...

I'd actually like some more information on you as to why you signed up to do this stuff in the first place. Is this an experiment? Of course, you said that you've been involved on the merchant side so are you just trying to see what it's like to be an affiliate instead of an advertiser? I actually would hope so, because I think it's incredibly important for businesses to know the experience a user is having through EVERY form of online shopping available to them. I also would like to know: how's it working out for you? It has been difficult for me to participate in affiliate programs because I just don't have the site traffic or gung ho attitude about it to make it work and work like magic. What's your story on it? If you have any pointers, I would also very much appreciate that as well as I’m sure the other readers of your blog would.

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