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The New Version Of Blogger Sucks

The Marketing Gorilla Blog has been converted to the new version of blogger without any hassles.

However, the Cigar Blog is dead in the water. Blogger converted the main login and the blog to the new version, but they don't match up. When I login with the main account, the Cigar Blog doesn't show up in the dashboard, nothing does. So I click the help button and it tells me to look for other aliases under that email login. THERE AREN'T ANY. But that's the only solution they offer to this problem.

I've posted on the Blogger Group Help forum along with 14 million others to no avail.

I've sent three messages to Blogger asking for help and today's response was the best... Mailbox unknown or not accepting mail.
550 5.2.1 ... Mailbox disabled for this recipient
Where is Matt Cutts when I need him? Who else can help???

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