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The Affiliate Manager 1st Edition - Review

After attending last week's Affiliate Summit in Orlando, I was convinced by an industry journalist that The Affiliate Manager 1st Edition kit was a must-buy. As soon as it shows up here at Thompson Group, I'll start to use it and blog reviews on the various products. And yes, that previous link is an affiliate link, so I encourage you to click it and buy a copy for yourself, so the Marketing Gorilla can pay some bills.

What is this course about?

"The Affiliate Manager - 1st Edition: How to Build and Manage An Unstoppable Online Sales Force" is a course developed to coach an internet business on all the ins and outs of developing a highly successful affiliate program online.

Details on all of the following are provided:


Managing Affiliates

Recruiting Affiliates

Training Affiliates

Communications with Affiliates

Legal Matters Related to Affiliate Programs

How to RID Your Program From Spyware

and much much more...

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