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Introducing - Cigar Blog 101

The secret is out. Cigar Blog 101 is the next great business blog. It went live today with its new address - Please link to it and subscribe to our RSS feed.

We will be featuring the wealth of experience from Al Remp, a product specialist and trainer at Thompson Cigar. Al has been in the industry for more than 46 years and trains our customer service department about the intricate balance of each cigar we sell. I promise to keep it updated with helpful tips and news about the cigar industry.

Watch for the press release soon.

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Anonymous Dave Lorenz said...

I checked out your new cigarblog101 website. I like it! I read most of what you have already posted. Great format, and easy to read and understand for the novices and people like me, just out of the novice category. If I had had those basic points stressed to me from day one, I wouldn’t have had to learn so much from trial and error.

I look forward to enjoying your blog as it develops.

Dave Lorenz
Atlanta, Ga

2:47 PM  

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