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What's Next?

This time last year I was beginning to discover the blogosphere and how it could help our business. Not too long after, we started the Security Awareness blog and the rest is history. Now that blog is on autopilot and attracting the perfect audience to keep up with it.

What's next?

What do I need to be researching for this year? What is that next greatest thing to help PR and marketing pros improve their overall strategy?

We've got the award-winning blog, the ever growing email newsletter, the 10-year-old bulletin board and the growing internet presence. What am I missing for 2005?



PowerBlog Review of Security Awareness Blog

Anita Campbell at the Small Business Trends Blog reviewed Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless this week. Great press to help spread the word.



Blogthenticity - Who's Missing the BlogTrain?

I made my first post at Blogthenticity today. It sets the tone well for the direction I would like to see business blogs move this year. Here's an excerpt:
Who will miss the blogtrain? I think it’s going to be mid-sized businesses that don’t have the time or the vision to update their marketing plans. I know of several prime businesses that can totally dominate their target audience within six months if they added blogging to their existing strategy.



Hoffman joins Blogthenticity

Last week, I volunteered my services to help out as a contributor to Blogthenticity, real business blogs by real business bloggers.

Here are the basics about Blogthenticity from the co-founder, Robert French:
In my mind, BLOGthenticity is solely intended for the sharing of the "best practices" our contributors have tested and implemented. The blog is intended for sharing of new ideas as to how a blog may enhance the company's Customer Relationship Management/Marketing. Yes, some discussion of products/services will occur naturally, but the BLOGthenticity blog is not an extension of any contributor's company blog, site, or promotional efforts.
I haven't started posting yet, got to make a grand entrance.