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What is your homepage?

I started using a homepage tool called ProtoPage about a month ago when I no longer had access to a company intranet. It's extremely simple and it allows me to avoid surfing through bookmarks to find the sites I visit often for work and home.

I don't want my blog or Road Runner or CNN to be my homepage. I want a tool like Protopage to launch from. It gives me search boxes for Google and Yahoo and sticky notes to post reminder notices. I highly recommend registering with the site and creating your own homepage.

The graphics and background templates are horribly lame, but it's free so don't argue.


Blogger MikeK said...

Hey, here's what I've been working on -

It's meant to be simple and is in the same niche as protopage I guess, but not nearly as fancy. It's just plain html links basically that you can edit easily. It's what I wanted so I made it :) maybe other people will find it useful too.

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